Oh, By The Way… Here’s my purpose!

I got started publishing last week, but as with all my journals, I feel like I need to set forth a purpose here.

This is my first year out of college, and I’m in limbo. I can’t afford to work out of the home (the subject of another blog post), and I’m still 8 weeks away from getting a decision on my FCC license application. Meanwhile, I’m homeschooling my daughter, my son, and his friend, exploring my educational philosophy, and dreaming about launching this dream school. This limbo situation adds to too much time for researching and thinking, which leads to a big jumble of ideas and thought, but no answers.

This blog is my attempt to organize all of that thought and turn it into something productive. It’s like thinking out loud. If I were a new teacher employed by someone else, I would have co-teachers and colleagues to bounce ideas off of. I could try out ideas and get feedback about what worked and what didn’t. But I don’t work in a place like that. It’s just me at home teaching the kids.

And that means that I need to be extra reflective. I need to take the initiative to find new ideas and new ways of doing things. My kids are great for experimenting on, but it goes nowhere if I don’t evaluate what worked and what didn’t. This is how I intend to do that. I’ll be posting my research as well as the things that are working and not working in my practice. When I write, it helps me put sense to my thoughts so that I can come to logical next steps. It’s almost like bouncing my thoughts off of myself when no one else is available to talk to.

And the perk of doing this on a blog instead of hand-writing in a journal, is that there is a chance that like minded people will stumble into my thoughts, share their thoughts with me, and boom! We have outside collaboration… Here’s hoping!

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